SWZLE: Eco-Friendly Products Striving to Make a Difference



380 million tons of plastic are produced annually. Of this, 55% ends up as discarded waste, eventually polluting our land, waterways, and oceans.  Half of all plastic produced is considered single use plastic; this amounts to minutes of use for hundreds of years of negative environmental impact as pollution.  Here at SWZLE, we offer products that are eco-friendly and aim to reduce single use plastic in our communities. 

Re-Usable Stainless-Steel Straws

Single use plastic straws are one of the top 10 contributors of plastic pollution found on our beaches and in our waterways.  We offer food grade, stainless steel colorful drinking straws to help replace single use plastic straws that would otherwise likely end up as pollution.  We offer 3 different sizes and 6 different colors, all with the option to have a custom engraving for your company, business, or personal choice.

Available Shapes/Sizes:

  • Straight
  • Bent
  • Cocktail

Available Colors:                                         

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Rainbow
  • Purple
  • Black


Carrying Cases

Our waterproof recycled PVC carrying cases are great for the on the go individual.  It has a magnetic closure to keep those straws in place to keep your home, bag, suitcase, car clean and organized.  You can choose from 6 fashionable designs with the ability to customize them for any business, corporate outing, or personal event.  The best part about our carrying cases is that we guarantee them for life!

Stainless Steel Water Bottles and Tumblers

As a planet we use approximately 16 billion disposable coffee cups and 500 billion plastic cups each year.  We hope to cut these astronomical numbers by offering stainless steel water bottles and tumblers that are proudly made or designed, finished, and powder coated in the U.S.A.  We offer a 20oz. tumbler, 24oz. and 32oz. reusable water bottles.  We also run a 'SWZLE Salutes' limited edition water bottle with proceeds donated to a specific organization or fund.  Like always our tumblers and water bottles can be fully customized for your business or special event. 


So feel good about your choices in life knowing that you are not only supporting a small family, veteran-owned business, this eco-friendly brand is doing its part in helping you make the environment a cleaner, healthier place for generations to come!


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